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National Association for the Blind

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Welcome To National Association for the BlindÂ

This Association came into existence in 1980 with an aim to empower, rehabilitate, integrate and provide equal opportunities to the persons with visual impairment to lead a dignified life so that they become useful and contributing members of the society. Thereby, making them self reliant so that they do not buckle under or wallow in despair and self pity. Ever since, the Association has grown from strength to strength with every passing year. Presently, the Association is running a total number of 13 projects/programmes comprising result oriented training and other activities to enable the visually impaired to meet life head-on and accept its challanges with a smile. During the year, our focus had been to strengthen the on-going projects and programmes and remove the momentary ache at what they miss in life.

During the year under report, we had two significant achievements :

1. Mewat District Inclusive Education Project :
It is a matter of pleasure to inform that the Association along with Sightsavers proved a boon for children with visual impairment in the backward district of Mewat in Haryana. Sightsavers support the principle of Inclusive Education and we have also been carrying out similar work in other districts of Haryana for over 25 years. We were keen to start Inclusive Education in Mewat District hence we approached Sightsavers to sponsor the project which was eventually agreed. This project is for 3 years duration and all the activities of providing Inclusive Education to the visually impaired have already started and are showing good results. A total of 202 children have already been enrolled in general schools and are being imparted the education supported by 10 Inclusive Education Facilitators, 2 Supervisors and a Coordinator.

2. Establishment of Special Study Centre, IGNOU
Indira Gandhi National Open University along with Rehabilitation Council of India established a National Centre for Disability studies recently. The purpose is to train general teachers to teach children with disabilities. Since the Assocation is already recognized in the field of teaching children with visual impairement, it has been selected as a Special Study Centre to conduct Foundation Courses on the Education of children with Disabilities. This is an orientation course for in-service general teachers through distant mode of education. The aim is to teach them to handle disabled children studying in normal schools so that they derive maximum benefit through integrated mode of education. During the year, 3 batches of the programme were conducted, assignments given and practical examinations carried out. A total of 107 general teachers were imparted this training.

Our Association have a Dealership of Perkins Brailler