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National Association for the Blind

How to Help

You can help us

We need Your Help!
The Association has embarked upon a herculean task to creat confidence and feeling of self worth in the visually impaired people of the State. Your assistance and help is needed at every step to carry out this task unhindered. You can help in any of the follwing ways as per your desire : –

(1) Financial
Rs. 6,000/- per annum to Help an Aged Blind
Rs. 3,000/- per annum for Education of a blind child.
Rs. 1,500/- to provide spectacles to 5 needy children.
Rs. 1,000/- to provide a Braille learning kit to a child.
Sponsor marriage of a blind girl.
Donate for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner for the trainees on your happy occasions.


(2) Kind
Donate Braillers to impart education.
Grocery for trainee’s kitchen
Office equipments and furniture as per the need.
Any other item in consultation with the Hony. General Secretary.

(3) Time
Be a writer of a blind examinee.
Be a reader of a blind trainee.
Be a writer of large print material

(4) Obligation
Give an employment to a visually imparied person
Donate for our under construction multi purpose building.
Donate a piece of land or building for girl’s hostel.