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National Association for the Blind

Braille Aid Recorded Library


We started the concept of Braille and Recorded Library in 1980 with a view to encourage and motivate the visually impaired to develop the habit of reading. This helps them to become literate, though in a different way. We maintain a vast collection of books on a variety of topics, be it educational, technical, short stories, novels, religious, health guides etc. Our objective is to make them feel contended and do not permit them a moment of unhappiness at being unable to see. Our endeavour is to make them to think that inspite of the visual impairment, they too can enjoy and learn as much as other sighted people.

We also maintain a mobile library, which caters to the needs of those who are unable to utilise the facilities of the premises library. The required books are provided at their doorstep and any assistance required is given then and there. Presently we carry a stock of 3306 nos.Braille Books. The books are added conforming to the syllabus and even otherwise additions are made from time to time to cater to the needs of the readers. We are encouraged by a good response in this regard. We have a total of 587 members who are benefiting from this service regularly.