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National Association for the Blind

Help an Aged Blind


Taking cue from HelpAge International, our Association has launched Help An Aged Blind programme to augment the efforts of HelpAge International. This programme is also being conducted for those visually impaired males / females who are 60 years and above of age and do not have permanent shelter over their heads and have either been abandoned by their kith and kin or even their own children. Sponsorship is sought through local donors who are committed to the cause of welfare of an aged blind and are willing to donate a sum of Rs. 6000/- annually.

The amount is distributed in cash and kind. Items of daily use as per their need and desire are made available quarterly. This programme has met with tremendous success during a short period, which has given us impetus to work more in this regard. Presently 10 beneficiaries are benefiting from this programme. Besides, Mr. Madan Gopal Dhawan, a philanthropist from Gurgaon was genenous enough to provide financial aid to 84 aged blind needy males and femals for a period of one year as a one time measure. The Association is grateful to Mr. Madan Gopal Dhawan for this magnanimous donation and act of kindness.