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National Association for the Blind

Netra Jyoti Suraksha Program


The very fact that ‘Eyesight is Valuable’ needs no further elaboration. This programme was started in the year 1992 with the objective to control deterioration of eyesight of those school-going children who come from poor family background. These children cannot afford consultation and related treatment prescribed by Ophthalmologists. This programme is carried out in steps.

In the first step, our trained staff visits the schools and short-lists the students who according to their opinion are in need of eye treatment. In the second step, a doctor accompanies our staff who carries out examination and prescribes medicines and gives appropriate advice on the spot for minor ailments. Students requiring detailed eamination are advised to visit OPD held at the local B. K. Hospital and Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre. Spectacles as prescribed, are provided free by our Association for children stydying in Government Schools through B. K. Hospital whereas for Private Schools the spectacles were provided by Surekha Public Charitable Trust, New Delhi. Four students who were suffering from congenital cataract were successfully operated upon free of cost at Dr. Shroff Hospital, New Delhi. Details for the year 2010-11 are as under:

Nature of Service Provided

New schools covered

Follow up carried out in schools

No. of students examined

No. of students prescribed treatment and medicines

No. of students provided with spectacles






Upto date