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National Association for the Blind

Typing cum Shorthand Training Program


A Typing cum Shorthand Training Programme is conducted for those visually impaired candidates who have received education upto Senior Secondary level. This programme was started in the year 1997 and is of one-year duration. Over the years, the programme has generated immense enthusiasm amongst the candidates and is in popular demand. Comprehensive training is imparted in shorthand, fixing of paper in Braille machine, knowledge of compared word, short forms, group signs and phrases etc. With practice, students do comfortably achieve speed upto 60 words per minute in shorthand and 30 words per minute in typing.

The training gives tremendous confidence to the students and enables them to explore job opportunities and thus become self sufficient and contributory members of society. A good number of our students are gainfully employed in various public and private sector undertakings while a few are self employed in judicial courts also. During the year we imparted this training to 12 number of candidates making a total of 109 candidates since the inception of this programme. Apart from free training, free boarding and lodging is provided to the students.