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National Association for the Blind

Vocational Training Program


Vocationalisation is the need of the hour as it increases the employability of the candidates. This programme was started for those uneducated visually impaired who are living in remote villages of Haryana State and come from weaker sections of the society. With a view to make these unfortunate people self-sufficient, a vocational training programme was started in the year 1993. The duration of this programme is 6 months during which extensive training is provided in furniture canning, basket, candles and chalk making etc. The quality and content of the training is such that the candicates are able to find good employment with investment of small capital at their doorstep. Thus, this training enables the candidates to make their life more endurable.

The trainees are provided free boarding and lodging. During the year the training was imparted to 9 candidates making a total 234 since its inception.